Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Stressing about storage

Apart from the fact our kitchen renovation seems to be taking my whole life, the one thing that is stressing me out at the moment is storage. As we are making a lot of changes - mainly turning the spare room, which has been my office into the baby's room - it seems to have brought to light just how much 'stuff' I have. I have tried to get rid of some stuff recently, but even still, there's still a lot of stuff. In my plans for the new kitchen / dining room / my new office, I really want it to be less cluttered and more fresh and airy, but what's stressing me is that already I can see this is not going to be possible due to 'the stuff'. I don't think I can even really get rid of much more, as most of it is work related - paperwork, craft supplies, magazines, books, props etc, and it's trying to work out how to condense and store what was essentially a rooms worth of stuff into a small area of another room. So at the moment, I am wracking my brains and scouring the web for ideas to get around this, this is what I've come up with so far...

Large cupboards / wall mounted cupboards
Ideally a large freestanding cupboard would be perfect - you can just chuck everything in there and close the doors - and it works for both the kitchen area and the office area, and they even, as seen in some of these pics, don't look out of place in the dining area. My only concern is whether I even have enough space for a big cupboard like these. The other alternative is a few smaller wall mounted cupboards....

I love open shelving, so I think lots of shelves will have to be utilised, but of course with these, you have to make sure you are only displaying pretty things otherwise they'll just look cluttered and messy - not a good look. I like the idea of using unusual spaces for shelving, above doors or windows or in corners for example, and I also like the idea of upcycling things like wooden crates into shelving units.

Hidden storage
As I'm not sure if I have room for a big 'store it all' cupboard, I've been trying to think of ideas for hidden storage. So far, I'm liking the idea of concealing some of the open shelving. Seems contradictory, but I know I'm going to have some things like paperwork files that I'll want hidden, so I'm thinking of making some little curtains out of vintage silk scarves that could be pulled across the shelving to hide everything and will still look pretty... This idea was inspired by Emily Chalmers use of silk scarves as room dividers, and Dottie Angel's use of vintage fabric on cupboards and shelving...

Hanging storage
And finally, hanging things like pots and pans will hopefully free up space in cupboards, so this is another option I'll definitely try and incorporate.

If anyone has any other suggestions for small space storage or for combining a kitchen, dining room and workspace into one please let me know!



  1. pretty pretty inspirations:-))))))

  2. All of those cupboards are so lovely :) Have you thought about scanning in your paperwork and storing it all electronically? I've seen similar miniature shelves to the one with the brown glass bottles on it in order makeovers, where the owner has stored their books all the way round the top of the room. I'm planning to source a vintage wooden sledge to use in our new kitchen, in the same style as that wooden pan rack :) And, if it snows, we'll just have to take all the pans off... xxx

  3. Lovely pics, some of them familiar for me too. We have quite the same taste, I flatter myself :). We also did our kitchen renowation two years ago, I posted about it here http://vuohenlinnanvaki.blogspot.fi/2013/06/huvilan-hengessa.html. I love the idea about the silk scarves, I just used old kitchen towels in front of a dish cupboard.

  4. I love all these ideas! I'm having exactly the same issue at the moment with our kitchen renovations too. I love open shelves as well, so we've got loads of those and am planning on hanging most of the pans as well, but there still seems to be loads of things that have nowhere to live!

  5. Great inspiration! I'm trying to rearrange my sewing room at the moment, so I have more storage space. I need to have a good clear out first.

  6. What a lot of work for a woman!

  7. Modular kitchen with all smooth finish. By the way which worktop you chosen for kithcen?
    Quartz Worktops or granite worktops?


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